Changing the game in cross-border trade

Customs Heroes is an innovative new service making it quick and easy for you to access the services of import and export brokers around the world. Clear your goods easily and at significantly lower prices. Break down borders and enter new markets faster than ever before.

Provide a low-cost and efficient multi-country customs clearance service

Cut costs

Automation cuts costs by up to 50%

Connect to import and export broker partners around the world. No more emails or paper documents. Digital interaction with no setup fees or hidden charges. One flat fee per transaction. Just get started with our pre-defined data interfaces to streamline your cross-border trade.

Cut costs be up to 50% through automation
Reach full transparency on the customs status of every shipment

Real-time visibility

Full transparency on the customs status of every shipment no matter where in the world

Has the customs declaration been sent? Have the goods cleared customs? Is there a proof of export? Do I have a tax document yet? We give you the answers you need, when you need them.

Access new markets

Don’t let international borders hold you back!

Our highly innovative service makes cross-border trade as easy as domestic. With our network of Customs Heroes partners around the world, you can now do business in places where you couldn’t in the past and in ways you might not have expected. Focus on your core business while we take the hassle out of customs declarations.

Access new markets
Customs compliance

Customs compliance

Comply with all relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination

Our import and export broker partners are experts in customs rules and regulations and specially selected to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. Eliminate errors through automation. And avoid costly demurrage, legal fines, and other penalties relating to cross-border trade.

Clear your goods swiftly, easily, and at lower costs with Customs Heroes

Automate interaction with customs brokers and step into new international markets at significantly lower rates than you’d normally pay.

One of our Customs Heroes

Customs Heroes has got you covered. Take a look at the future of your cross-border trade

In cross-border trade today, processing customs clearances can often mean countless emails, urgent phone calls, lost time, and mounting frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way.