Clear customs rapidly at low rates per parcel

International ecommerce is booming. You need to get your international parcels through customs clearance as quickly and easily as possible and at the lowest cost. We have the solution.

Clear customs rapidly at low rates per parcel

Cut costs

Sell at a competitive price without the burden of excessive customs clearance fees for international parcels

Provide your international customers with the same experience as if the goods were sent locally. Quick and easy customs clearances for international parcels in major markets. One flat fee per parcel or delivery.

Sell internationally at a competitive price
Step into new markets

Step into new markets

Don’t let customs borders hold back your international ecommerce expansion

No need for you to build up customs expertise in your organization. Let our Customs Heroes experts take the hassle out of international ecommerce and your team can focus on what they do best. Comply with all relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination for customs clearance of your international parcels.

Automate customs declarations

Process customs clearances for high numbers of international parcels quickly and easily

Many borders. One platform. Customs Heroes automates the customs clearance process with our pre-defined interfaces helping you to cut costs and boost your bottom line.

Automate customs declarations for high volumes of deliveries
Automatically calculate import duties and taxes

Automatically calculate import duties and taxes

Provide the total cost of purchase in your customer’s preferred currency with all duties and taxes included

Simplify your cross-border business by presenting your customers with clear and accurate amounts for import duties and taxes in the online checkout. Full visibility of costs for your customers in international ecommerce giving them the same experience for cross-border imports as domestic purchases. No surprises!

Clear your goods swiftly, easily, and at lower costs with Customs Heroes

Automate interaction with customs brokers and step into new international markets at significantly lower rates than you’d normally pay.

One of our Customs Heroes

Customs Heroes has got you covered. Take a look at the future of your cross-border trade

In cross-border trade today, processing customs clearances can often mean countless emails, urgent phone calls, lost time, and mounting frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way.