Customs Heroes and Flowfox launch integrated solution that brings extra gear to fast port clearances

17. Nov 2021



  • Full automation of container release and customs clearance processes
  • Enables 70% reduction on container release costs and up to 50% on regular broker fees
  • The most advanced container release solution for ocean carriers and forwarders

Digital customs broker Customs Heroes and provider of digital solutions for global container logistics FlowFox GmbH have developed an automated solution that enables ocean freight carriers and freight forwarders to achieve significant time and cost savings in port container clearance. Other benefits include increased visibility on container shipping status as well as port and customs clearance.

100% faster container clearance through automation

The key drivers behind the new joint solution are advanced process automation and intelligent data management. Two industry-leading software solutions for customs declaration and container clearance have been integrated to form a single solution that is able to manage and control the full container clearance process; from sending container release requests to port operators to receiving clearance from the local customs authorities.

By combining Customs Heroes and Flowfox solutions’ most advanced technologies, carriers and forwarders can achieve a whole new improvement level in container clearance efficiency. The amount of time it now takes to clear a container can be cut in half; a big step forward in the international ocean freight industry and a competitive advantage in a world where customers expect shorter lead times and fast deliveries every day.

“Automation is in our DNA,” says Kim Kerrutt, Chief Commercial Officer at Flowfox. “The partnership with Customs Heroes brings together two like-minded industry innovators with a similar goal: improving solutions for port releases. Adding automation of customs declarations to our container clearance solution paves the way for our customers to further expand internationally.”

Maximum efficiency through intelligent data management

The new solution automates the most time-consuming and error-prone steps of the container release and customs declaration process. This includes sending and receiving container release requests and approvals and filing import declarations to the local customs authorities. Through state-of-the-art APIs, companies can manage these processes directly in their own systems and automatically provide the required data.

“This joint solution yields a wide range of benefits for ocean carriers and freight forwarders. It accelerates customs clearances and port releases while eliminating the need for manual data entry,” says Mark Brannan, Founding Partner of Customs Heroes.

Improved margins and increased profit

The ocean freight industry has been heavily impacted by the COVID pandemic and presents lots of uncertainty while recovering slowly. The new integrated platform offers an opportunity to achieve significant cost savings and generate new revenue streams. Direct cost savings from automation efficiencies are in the range of 50-80% and there are additional cost savings from reduced workload, increased security, error elimination, and more transparency. Additionally, AEB’s customs brokers charge platform users up to 50 percent less than their usual rates.

Patrick Pehmöller, CEO of Flowfox, about economic benefits: “With supply chains under more financial pressure than ever before, we’re confident that our joint solution brings significant efficiency gains. Working together with Customs Heroes will give our customers access to the most advanced and comprehensive container release solution available on the market.”

“We are very pleased to establish this partnership with a forward-thinking company like Flowfox. This collaboration provides the market with a solution that solves current and future needs of ocean carriers and freight forwarders and enables them to strengthen their financial position in this competitive industry,” says Steffen Frey, Founding Partner of Customs Heroes.

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About Customs Heroes

Customs Heroes is a first-of-its-kind digital customs broker network providing customs clearance services across major trade lanes in North America, Europe, and Asia. Launched in 2019, this network brings together the services of world-class customs brokers onto a single platform. Customs Heroes digitizes the interactions between customs brokers and businesses in the manufacturing, commercial, and transport sectors. Until now, these specialized processes have been largely fragmented. As a service of AEB SE, Customs Heroes is supported by over 500 dedicated professionals specialized in software development, product management, business development, marketing, and global trade innovation.

About FlowFox GmbH

Flowfox develops innovative digital solutions for container logistics and is a pioneer in providing a complete platform to automate the container release process. Based in Hamburg, the Flowfox team is setting new standards for the container shipping industry by enabling ocean carriers to automate the import process and freight forwarders to receive their releases in real time. With the Flowfox platform, ocean carriers reduce their costs and open up additional revenue streams, for example by streamlining the custom clearance processes, introducing factoring or offering on-carriage within the release process.