The world's 1st digital customs broker

Take your business into new markets. Cut costs in shipping and personnel. Know the customs status of every product shipped. We're your Customs Heroes. Our exclusive network of customs brokers ensures goods cross borders swiftly and easily. You can slice broker fees by as much as 50 percent while gaining access to markets on three continents. We are the only partner you need in global trade. Customs Heroes.

Heroic benefits

Win crucial multi-country tenders and generate business around the globe

Save time and administrative costs through our digitized processes

Customs Heroes’ broker network covers the world's most important trade routes

Easy to get started with our fast-growing customs broker network

You get full transparency and real-time visibility on customs status 

Our automated processes cut broker fees by as much as 50%

Become a Customs Hero

In global trade today, processing customs declarations can mean strings of e-mail, urgent phone calls, lost time and compounding frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Take a look at what life could be like for you as a Customs Hero.

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Digital Customs Broker – Here’s how it works

One partner, many countries

In international trade, customs brokers are critical to global success. With Customs Heroes, we will automate your collaboration with brokers around the world and all under just one contract.

The highest quality of service

 At present, our network of customs brokers in 18 countries are already participating in our service, each thoroughly vetted in advance to ensure quality and reliability.

An automated path to customs

Your customs data is seamlessly transmitted to authorities by our broker partners. Then all important documents, forms and tax assessments are available to you instantly in our digital interface.

Always transparent

Has the customs declaration been sent? Have the goods cleared customs? Is there proof of import or export? Customs Heroes gives you the answers you need, when you need them.

Ready to join the Customs Heroes network?

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