Customs Heroes services – FAQ

General information

Who do you clear customs for?

Our services are aimed at businesses that handle regular customs declarations. Please understand that we do not handle private customs declarations.

Customs clearance

What services does Customs Heroes offer, and how do I benefit?

Customs Heroes offers a portfolio of services that include product classification and end-to-end customs clearance (imports, exports, transit) through our exclusive global partner network. Our service is aimed exclusively at companies. Please understand that we do not handle private customs declarations or individual customs declarations.

We serve as the central point of contact and coordinator for all customs clearance processes. This means that you simply order services from us and we take care of all the organizational details needed to get your goods safely and quickly across the border. You don’t need to spend any more time on all the burdensome emails and phone calls, so you have more time to focus on your other tasks.

Who can I contact if I have any questions or problems?

Us. emoji We look forward to hearing from you with any concerns you may have. Visit our team page for information on how to reach our Heroes.

For which countries does Customs Heroes offer customs clearance services?

We currently have at least one network partner for the following countries.

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.
North America: Canada and US.
Asia: China and Turkey.

And by the way: You can find a complete list of our partners on our partner page.

What if I need to clear customs in a country that Customs Heroes does not currently serve?

We are constantly expanding our partner network. If you need to clear customs in a country we don’t yet serve, we’ll look for a qualified broker. Just reach out.

What steps need to be completed before service can start?

We’ll begin by talking about the services you need (export from Germany and France, import to UK, etc.) and your options for providing us with the necessary data (email, CSV file, etc.). Then we’ll send you a proposal.

Once we’ve clarified the details of the process with you and our partner brokers (handled by us to the extent possible) and defined the necessary settings in our systems (also handled by us), everything will be ready to go. Typically, you can start enjoying our services about 6 weeks after you accept our proposal.

Do I need authorizations, registrations, deferment accounts, etc. to utilize the services of Customs Heroes?

Typically, all you need is an EORI number for us to manage your customs clearance for you. If you already have authorizations, deferment accounts, and so forth, we’ll be glad to use them. But in most cases, our partners can also provide such things as part of their services. So no worries.

Which information and documents should I provide, and in which format?

That depends heavily on the services you order and on factors such as the customs procedures and goods involved. But in general, we need information typically found on any invoice plus details on the goods (weight, etc.). We’ll be happy to work with you to clarify this based on your specific situation.
As for the format: We’ll accommodate you. CSV, XML, or Excel formats are all options for transmitting the data.

Who is in touch with the local customs offices?

That’s handled by our partner brokers based in each country, as they’re the experts on the local regulations.

Who is my contract with? Who will bill me?

Customs Heroes is your single point of contact and will bill you for the services, regardless of how many partner brokers are involved.

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Product classification

What product classification services does Customs Heroes handle, and how do I benefit?

Customs Heroes processes huge volumes of data efficiently, reducing your workload as much as possible. All we need is a detailed description of goods to determine the correct commodity code.

Our service is aimed exclusively at companies. Please understand that we do not process private orders.

For which countries does Customs Heroes offer product classification services? What if I need to classify products for a country that Customs Heroes does not currently serve?

We focus on the EU, UK, and Switzerland. Talk to us if you need other countries.

What data does Customs Heroes need and in what format to determine commodity codes for me?

A detailed description of goods is generally all we need. If we ever need more information, we’ll let you know. The format in which you provide the data is up to you. Your options include Excel and CSV files.

How does Customs Heroes work, and where do you get your data?

We have a huge pool of international trade and product data from various sources. Our specialists make sure this data is accurate and current, and update it regularly. Our AI applications use this information as a basis for comparing your goods descriptions with the available data.

How does Customs Heroes determine that its commodity codes are correct?

Customs Heroes offers suggestions for a possible commodity code. Legally, we are not able to offer a 100% guarantee that the commodity code is correct. But we can assure you that the results obtained by our AI undergo various quality controls, including by experienced product classification specialists. Only then do we pass the commodity codes along to you. We’ll be happy to share more details in a personal consultation.

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