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What is a digital customs broker?

Customs Heroes makes it quick and easy for you to access the services of customs brokers around the world. Working with customs brokers is often quite traditional: You send them instructions via e-mail with a PDF attachment. The broker manually keys in your data into his system. He clears the goods through customs and sends you an advice by e-mail. And, if you’re working across multiple countries, this means you need to work with many different brokers in the same way.

Our service simplifies this. With the Customs Heroes network, you can automate the interaction with different customs brokers via just one contractual partner.

For you, this means: one contract partner. One commercial agreement. One technical interface for automation of all customs processes. Simple.

How many countries does the Customs Heroes network cover?

We currently have a partnership network that covers 18 countries including major North America, Europe, and Asia trade lanes. And we’re expanding all the time. If you need a country that we don’t cover now, we’re happy to look at adding this to our network. Contact us for more details.

Is the service expensive?

Not at all. In fact, many companies can save up to 50% on their customs broker fees by using our service. This is because one of the key features of our service is a ready-to-run automated interface to our customs broker partners. This means that the brokers don’t need to do much manual work and can therefore significantly reduce their fees.

Couldn’t I just work with these customs brokers directly?

You could of course set up agreements yourself with brokers in all the countries where you need to clear goods through customs. But this is a time-consuming process. Plus – if you want to automate your interaction with each of these customs brokers – it would mean setting-up a technical interface with each of one separately.

We simplify this for you. Sign-up for our service and you can access brokers around the world and automate the communication with them.

How do I get started?

We need some initial information from you. For instance: the countries you need to customs clear the goods, whether you wish to import and/or export, and the type of goods you ship. Click on the Start Now button. We may need to have a short phone call with you to clarify some final details. But, otherwise, you’re well on the way to automating your interaction with different customs brokers around the world.

I’m a customs broker. Can I become part of the network?

We’re happy to consider applications to become a Customs Heroes partner broker. Contact us to discuss whether your geographic coverage and capabilities are a good fit for the network.

Ready to join  the Customs Heroes network?

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