What is an authorized economic operator?

Companies within the EU can apply for the status of “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO) to benefit from customs privileges, including financial benefits and simplified clearance. AEO certification is open-ended and valid in all member states. It includes agreements for recognition by non-EU countries.

Benefits of AEO certification

Authorized Economic Operators enjoy the following benefits, depending on the AEO status:

  • Classification as reliable and trustworthy with customs
  • Fewer document checks during customs clearance
  • Fewer customs inspections
  • Self-checks
  • Exemption from presentation to customs
  • Reduced security deposit for customs clearance
  • Reduced security deposit for transit procedure

AEO status: what variants are available?

Certification as an Authorized Economic Operator is granted in three variants:

  • AEO C: “customs simplifications” authorization
  • AEO S: “security” authorization
  • AEO C/S or AEO F: “customs simplifications and security” authorization (combined authorization)

Prerequisite for AEO certification

To obtain certification, companies must meet basic requirements:

  • Compliance with customs and tax regulations
  • Functioning management system that enables customs controls
  • Proven solvency
  • Practical or professional qualification
  • Security standards (for AEO S status)