What is the EUR.1 certificate?

EUR.1 certificate refers to the EUR.1 movement certificate (MC), which serves as preferential origin of goods in international trade and is recognized as preference document. With the EUR.1 certificate, certain goods can be imported into a country duty-free or with reduced customs duties. It is used to obtain customs benefits.

When do I need a EUR.1 certificate?

The EUR.1 movement certificate is used for countries that have concluded a free trade agreement or preferential agreement with the European Union. The preference document must then be provided for import and export.

The countries for which a bilateral agreement exists can be found in the European Union's generalised scheme of preferences. An EUR.1 certificate is required for these countries.

Where can I get the EUR.1 form?

The form is available from form retailers and from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. It must be completed by the exporter or service provider as part of shipment processing and submitted to the customs office.

The application must be accompanied by further documents as proof of the description of the facts. These include:

  • Preference documents with number and date of issue
  • Bills of materials
  • Purchase and sales invoices
  • Customs documents
  • Supplier’s declarations

You can request a EUR.1 form from your Customs authority. Further information can be found on the website of the european commission.