What is the TARIC code?

TARIC (French: Tarif intégré des Communautés européennes) is the common customs tariff of the European Union. It is kept in the EU customs tariff database and mainly contains information on regulations, possible restrictions, and tariff preferences.
The TARIC customs code can be used to obtain such information when goods are cleared through customs. TARIC provides an overview of the common measures and ensures that all countries in the EU proceed uniformly in customs clearance.

Meaning of the digits in the TARIC code

The ten-digit TARIC customs code is used to precisely identify the goods. Each digit has a specific meaning and contributes to the precise classification of the goods. The first eight digits are identical to the Combined Nomenclature (CN) in the HS Code.

TARIC is further subdivided with the ninth and tenth digits: They provide information on Community measures within the EU – such as anti-dumping regulations, tariff quotas, and tariff suspensions.

The eleventh digit indicates national regulations such as prohibitions and restrictions.

The digits of the TARIC code at a glance:

49Chapter (Harmonized System) – Valid worldwide
49 01Heading (Harmonized System) – Valid worldwide
49 01 99Subheading (Harmonized System) – Valid worldwide
49 01 99 00Subheading (Combined Nomenclature) – valid across the EU
49 01 99 00 00Subheading – TARIC (Community features) – valid across the EU
49 01 99 00 00 9Code number – Electronic customs tariff (national features)

Examples of measures included in the TARIC customs code

  • Tariff-related measures such as customs preferences and quotas
  • Agricultural policy measures such as supplemental tariffs and agricultural components
  • Trade policy measures such as anti-dumping duties and protective measures
  • Bans and restrictions on imports and exports

What’s the difference between the TARIC code and HS code?

The TARIC code is the ninth and tenth digits of the HS code. The HS code itself is part of the Harmonized System, which forms the basis for the worldwide designation and coding of goods.